In today's world, exploring, coding, and the ability to solve problems are key elements to your child's future success.  With the PodPi adventures, we are bringing a unique immersive and engaging experience in learning for your child that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

Each PodPi box will contains between 3 to 6 hours of content.  Make sure to adjust your delivery schedule accordingly.  Most other subscriptions boxes offer less content each month.

Is your child interested in learning coding and electronics?  Do you want to learn as well?  This is perfect starting point.  Our new program will introduce your child to the world of electronics, JavaScript programming and science.  All our engaging lessons use a comic book style that allows us to illustrate complex technical concepts in ways your child will understand and relate to.  The adventures are fun and engaging and build on each other month after month and delivered with new components each time.

Not ready to buy the complete adventure?  Order a single kit and get started.  You can subscribe later.  Make sure your child enjoys and learns using our first edition.  From there, the STEM Adventures can continue with our monthly subscription where each month, your child will receive all the components and our colorful magazine editions to continue his or her learning.

Thank you for considering our program.