M10 - The Lost Crystals

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Follow Volta as he discovers some strange liquid crystal in the Island's cave.  Learn how to activate and control a Liquid Crystal Screen (LCD).  Make a couple of game controllers with the components found in the box.  Learn about new JavaScript functions and change the code to make your own set of games.  Introduction to one of the most popular chips of all time - the NE555.  32 pages, high-quality color magazine and all the components.

Content:  A LCD screen, set of wires, 3 mini breadboards, 5 NE555 chips, resistors, LEDs, bi-color LEDs, capacitors and buttons.

Lesson Goals:

  • Introduction to GitHub (most popular software repository)
  • Building complex circuits
  • Provide code templates to enhance and make simple games

Pre-requisite: Module 0 or an Arduino board with prototype shield (available separately)