M5 - Measure Up!

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In these adventures, help Ohmie make a set of resistors and learn how to measure voltage with Volta.  Make your own voltmeter with the Arduino Micro and cool OLED screen that comes with this module.  Learn to decode the resistor bands and make your own resistor divider circuit.  This kit comes with a brand new Arduino micro, 128x64 OLED screen (I2C interface), resistors and LEDs and the PodPi Volume 5 2nd edition.

Content:  An Arduino Micro, 1 OLED screen, a set of resistors and LEDs of various colors, a simple multimeter (voltage and amperes), a carbon pencil and the sew-on Homie patch.

Module Goals:

  • Basic understanding of electricity, voltage and current
  • How to program an Arduino Micro
  • Experiment with various LEDs and current
  • Math - Formula to divide the voltage with experiments
  • Solve a code problem by creating a light based alarm

Pre-requisite: Module 0 or an Arduino board with prototype shield.