Captain's Treasure (4 kits)

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Is your child interested in electronics and coding?  This complete Arduino & JavaScript starter kit will introduce him or her to the basics of electronics and JavaScript programming.  Our lessons use a comic book style that allows us to illustrate complex technical concepts in ways your child will understand and relate to.  

This bundle contains our four most popular kits:

  • 1 Arduino board (clone) with a prototype shield
  • 4 Popular PodPi magazines (volumes 0, 1, 2, 3)
  • Light sensors, temperature sensors, joystick
  • Resistors, LEDs, RGB LEDs, servo motor
  • 4 custom patches
  • Hours of coding, doing and learning
  • No subscription required

2018 SPECIAL - All bundles will include our newest NotBit card game to learn binary and Boolean Logic.  Check it out at