M12 - The Lighthouse

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Redd needs to upgrade the lighthouse in order to communicate with Captain Arghuino as he set sail to a new island.  By building an infrared emitter and receiver, help Redd send messages to Captain Arghuino.

This module is the most advanced in our series and completes the PodPi adventures on this Island.  Over the past 12 months, kids have learned the basics of electronics and JavaScript.  Now they can set sail too and explore more complex projects on their own.

Content:  A Serial Adapter, 2 ATtiny84 microcontrollers, infrared LEDs and receivers, mini breadboard and other discrete components.  PodPi Volume 12 with 40 pages of stories and lessons.

Lesson Goals:

  • Introduction to ATtiny microcontrollers and how to program them using your existing Arduino.
  • Introduction to infrared technology.
  • Real time data serial communications via infrared.

Pre-requisite: Module 0 or an Arduino board with prototype shield (available separately)