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M4 - Binary with Binny

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If you thought binary couldn't be fun, think again!  This 32 pages Volume 4 introduces the concept of binary and integrated circuits.  It comes with it's own binary counter board, binary counter chip and a small card game to learn to count in binary.  By the end of the adventures, make a binary clock to impress your friends.

Content: A custom binary counter board, 2 integrated counter circuits, wires, LEDs, a card game and the Binny sew-on patch.

Module Goals:

  • Introduction to binary.  Binary is key to digital electronics and can be fun
  • Math.  Counting in base 2 using the card game
  • Overview of integrated circuits, internals and how they work.
  • Build a binary clock and learn to decode the date and time.

Pre-requisite: Module 0 or an Arduino board with prototype shield.