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PodPi 6 Month Subscription

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Each month you child will receive a new treasure box, filled with more electronic components and a new comic book (lesson book) to learn JavaScript and electronics using the Arduino platform.  Learn how sensors work, motors and other components in a fun and challenging way.  This subscription includes everything needed every month.  Our unique comic book style allows us to illustrate complex technical concepts in ways your child will understand and relate to.

  • Month 1 - Get started with your Arduino board and a few LEDs
  • Month 2 - Learn inputs with sensors and a servo motor
  • Month 3 - A series of challenges based on skills learned
  • Month 4 - Fun with a 64 LED matrix and introduction to I2C protocol
  • Month 5 - Introduction to Binary and Integrated Circuits
  • Month 6 - Make your own resistors and learn Ohm's Law
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From here you can continue the adventures with conductive ink, motors, solar, etc.  Want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us at

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