PodPi Volume #0 - Get Started! (3rd edition)

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A comic within a comic?  Yes!  Follow the adventures of Jake and Zoe as they prepare their computer and Arduino boards for their lessons in electronics and JavaScript programming.  20 brand new pages have been added since the first edition.  This volume is an introduction to basic electronics and JavaScript.  It contains the first set of lessons of the PodPi curriculum and a cheat sheet on how to use Node.JS and run your programs.

Not sure if you want to get started learning Electronics and JavaScript, but curious about PodPi?  Here is the first volume that takes you through the steps to get ready.  

44 color pages on high quality gloss paper.  Your child will love it!  Also available on iBook for download at:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1189698695